I also offer gift certificates! If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for someone please contact me. The gift certificates are printed on beautiful, heavy card stock and contain a picture of the path leading to St. Declan’s well in Ardmore, Ireland. 

Free Consultation: I am happy to discuss how Shamanic Practices might be of service to you. I offer free consultations that typically last 15 minutes. Please contact me.

Shamanic Healing: Healing sessions start with a discussion, progress to a diagnostic session, and then move forward with a healing session as needed. Plan on this taking 45 minutes though it might go a little longer or slightly under depending on what we see (and sometimes a first-time-ever visit lasts a little longer). Healing sessions can include removal of intrusions, mending auric rifts, infusions of vital energy, etc.

Shamanic Healing: $80

Power Animal Retrieval: Power animals, sometimes called sprit animals, are often referred to as healing spirits or protecting spirits. By forming a relationship with a spirit animal, people often feel a sense of well being, protection, physical energy, clarity of thought, and wisdom. In return we honor them, respect their wisdom, appreciate their caring, and channel our sensing of ordinary reality back to them.

Power Animal Retrieval: $40

Shamanic Advisement: 

During an advisement session I journey on your behalf to obtain helpful information from loving and compassionate spirit helpers which I then pass on to you. Specific questions and intentions can be set by the client for these sessions. I can also journey with the general intent to obtain information they feel it would be helpful for you to know. 

Advisement sessions can also be used for those in various stages of learning or practicing Journey Meditation. I offer guidance, suggestions for working through issues, and can assist in setting intentional outlines for Journeying that may help you clarify things that may seem confusing or unclear. 


Often clients are looking for a short follow-up session to or a check-in. I perform a quick Journey Meditation and bring back information Spirit wants me to bring back which I then relay to you. Please note that these are not full healing sessions.

30 minute Shamanic Advisement session: $50

60 minute Shamanic Advisement session: $100

Journey Meditation Instruction: If you would like to learn how to journey with some personal instruction and guidance, I offer one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions. Individual sessions usually last about 2 hours and include 3 journey sessions with live drumming.

Individual session: $150

Group session: I often teach Journey Meditation instruction to small groups. Friends often have an interest in learning Journey Meditation, but may feel shy about sharing their experiences in a room filled with strangers. Great strides can be made learning how to Journey when everyone is relaxed and comfortable. And it is also great fun. If you’d like to arrange a small group session for you and your friends and/or family please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss rates, etc.

Soul Retrieval: A retrieval session can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. This includes the discussion before and after the journey part of the session. It will also include a follow-up approximately 7 days after our session. I strongly encourage you to read more about Soul Retrieval on the dedicated page

Soul retrieval session (includes one 20-minute follow-up session): $150

Reiki Treatment: I am a certified Reiki Master of Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Ryoho. Treatments last approximately 30 minutes.

Individual session: $45

Three Reiki sessions booked and paid for in advance: $40 each ($120 total – a savings of $15)