Sara performed a Soul Retrieval for me at the end of 2017. Comparing this time last year to now, is like comparing night and day. Last year I was super-depressed with no energy, and now I’m happy to report I’m actually happy with a ton of energy to spare. I just finished my 2 week training at my new job […] and instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the new information for my position, I feel invigorated. Lately I’ve had a huge burst of energy, I wake up feeling rested and actually look forward to my work day. I’ve also had a lot of ideas come to me for art projects. AND because I’m basically a conduit of information during my work day, I find it much easier to unplug at home from my computer because I’d rather spend time reading, knitting, bath taking than glued to my phone. I had no idea before this that a job could could have the power to change things so drastically, but I’m sure glad it did!

Other news: I’m helping to organize an artist retreat on the Oregon coast in February. I’m really looking forward to that. And today I was dumped and it left no dent on me. He met someone else, I wished him well and we both want to remain friends. I realized that unlike past times where I was dumped, I’m not sad or angry this time around. And it’s so nice not to feel that way!

I really feel like my cup of self-love is overflowing right now. It’s so nice to feel that way, frankly I was starting to think I’d never get there. Thanks so much for your healing work Sara, I think the soul retrieval really got me started on a wonderful new path in life.

Gabby H.


Sara’s classes are amazing. From the very beginning, she sets the group at ease with her relaxed and down to earth manner. There are no awkward games or icebreakers, just straight forward information and exercises designed to help you develop and hone your personal meditation practice. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she’s also a gifted communicator who helps guide students at all levels. As a novice journey meditator who has now taken several classes with Sara, I always look forward to her classes immensely because every time I meditate with her I experience my new most incredible journey ever.

Tess T.


Sara has a lovely sense of humor that helps cradle the serious aspects of a healing session in the arms of appreciation for this wondrous mysterious life.  And Sara is skilled at not letting her ego-mind get in the way of the healing sessions, which can be difficult for some healers to do, but can make all the difference in the client’s confidence in the depth and authenticity of the healing.



I had always felt something was missing, but I couldn’t ever put my finger on it. I had problems sleeping, mostly nightmares and sleeping six hours or less, but sometimes I slept too much. Had problems with depression and anxiety. Then a friend of mine said it sounded like I needed a soul retrieval. Through a series of cool events, I came in contact with Sara.

After Sara did my soul retrieval, which was an awesome experience for me, I sleep soundly. The depression and anxiety are practically gone. I look forward to getting up and no longer fear to try to sleep.

Warren B


Last summer I injured my knee severely. It took four months to walk, six to exercise gently, and to this day I’m still putting the pieces back together. It’s been the longest and most transformative journey in and out of pain I’ve ever been put through. And if this personal experience has made me familiar with one thing to an undoubtable degree, it’s with the staggeringly varied breath of doctoral abilities available to the public. You name it, I’ve done it. And a lot of it. Even so, most of the experiences have made their way to the recesses of my mind, while others stand as prominent and vivid memories that continue to shape my health and my personhood. Now this is all well and good, but the only reason I share this piece of my story with you is for the explicit purpose of giving credence to what it is that really needs to be said.

That is, of all the awe inspiring moments generated by being worked on by different masters of Reiki, no one impressed me more than Sara Violante. Of all the journey meditations done on my behalf, very few meditators get right to the heart of the matter as clearly as Sara Violante can, and does with a remarkable consistency. And of all the aggravating public egos in this New Age trend of alternative healing, Sara Violante is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve come to know her as an incredibly grounded, thoughtful, giving, compassionate, and totally hilarious individual. Her immense capacity for healing is matched in equal magnitude by her unfailing humanness. She’s the real deal, folks.

The first thing I did when I heard of Sara Violante, was I emailed her. And if you’ve made it this far to read the ramblings she has inspired out of me, then let me suggest that perhaps an option for your next move would be to email her for yourself. Do that and you may read what her practice is about directly from the source. It’s all about opening up any kind of dialogue. Then you’ll really be in the know, you see, the proof is in the pudding!

Eric B.


You are definitely in right business, I am living proof! I wanted to say how much you helped me when all the doctors and medicine came to a dead end. I wasn’t just feeling bad physically, under a lot of pain, but depressed also. I didn’t see any reason to fight. Right after 1st journey my depression was gone and all my pain reduced. After 3 rd journey I start feeling better and better every day.  This summer my husband and I are traveling again, I finally feel like normal person! Thanks to you.

Inna C.


I’m not a skeptic, generally an open-minded person, but I do like explanations. I can’t explain any of this, but I fully accept it because the way I feel is so noticeably better.

I have more energy to accomplish the things that rarely made it past the idea stage. I have more confidence in myself. I’m not getting in the way of myself being the most authentic me, at least less so. Simply put, I’m more me. The change is both subtle, and profound.

The only requirement is an openness to something you can’t explain. Do yourself a favor and see Sara.

Sharon L.


I am so awestruck and delighted with the successes I have had working with Sara. She is very gentle in her approach, listens intently and explains everything as we go through our journeys. Her entire focus is centered on me, and the questions and outcomes I seek. I am a forever client.

Tina B.


Sara is truly gifted practitioner. She is wise, mystical, and down-to-earth and I always feel tremendously safe in her hands. Journeys with her are incredibly helpful and insightful, and the information she receives is conveyed back to the client in grounded and practical manner. I always leave feeling lighter and more equipped in handling everyday life issues or past trauma.

Erin H.


I am a total newbie to Shamanic Journey Meditation, but on my very first journey with Sara, I was able to accomplish so much! She helped me locate my spirit animal, the Raven, and gain insight and find remedies for a health problem I was experiencing. She also equipped me with the skills to practice meditating on my own. I have gained such great wisdom from my time with Sara and I am proud to refer anyone to her practice.

Erin L.


Thank you, Sara, you helped me a lot! I am in good spirits ever since. Depression is gone. I am very excited about future and have a lot of energy and goals to achieve! Could not have done it without your help!!

Elena L.


Sara’s healing work is first rate.  She is compassionate, direct, and delivers the information with the just the right dose of humor.  My symptoms have decreased significantly since our session and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance with physical or psychological healing.

Susanne R.


Awareness of the cultivation of love that I have for myself, things seen and things unseen has begun.  Sara is a part of the web that is the team of people who are helping me navigate through these windows that have been open for longer than I’m aware of.  It is only now that I am starting to trust that I can not only see them, but can go through them as well.  I am forever thankful for the work that we have done and the work that is yet to come.

My heart is happy that your path has brought you to Sara.

Shoshonna D.